Meet the Staff



Head chef owner
Anna love eating, cooking and laughing.  A proud mother and our fierce leader. She encourages the team front and back of house to fulfil their potential and genuinely listens to them when the team discusses the restaurant and new ideas.


Restaurant manager
Daniel arrived to London in 2018 after after being head hunted for the position of restaurant manager. His own vision and hard work is reflected on the floor. He pushes the team to be the best they can be. Encourages them to listen to our guests and take care of them.



Senior Sous Chef

Pavel has worked with Anna for many years. 

Polyglot – no one knows how many languages exactly he speaks, not even himself.

He is fast, sharp,reliable and often kind. Pavel enjoys pace and the obstacles that busy kitchen throws his way. 

He remember every random fact ever said to him. He takes care to share his knowledge that he has gathered over the last 15 years of cooking to teach and encourages the others in the team, especially those who want to be better.


Junior Sous Chef

After years of studies in  creative arts and visual communication, Georgia decided to turn her hand to the creative art of cooking and it lite an unexpected fire. 

Driven by visceral need to fix, fulfil and improve her  personal development as a chef (and sometimes as a human ).

Always keen to share what she has experienced and learned while working in kitchens for over 10 year with anyone who may need the guidance.

Georgia is constantly looking for new ways to surprise our guests aiming to make them feel like their meal and experience has been memorable

Kind hearted and empathetic although all well hidden behind a shady and severe look (her words not ours!)