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“Don’t open a restaurant if you can’t cook. Don’t cook just for restaurant critics. Don’t use your imagination just for the sake of seeming imaginative” Myrtle Allen

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7 course tasting menu £85

Matching wines £75

add black pudding snack £7

add Irish Carlingford Oyster (gf) £4

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At Myrtle restaurant we try to showcase all the different aspects of Ireland that our head chef Anna and manager Daniel believe are truly special.

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7 course tasting menu £85

Matching wines £75

add black pudding snack £7

add Irish Carlingford oyster (gf) £4

Bia Beag

Sweet & earthy golden root vegetable Anraith (gf)


Co Cork

Gubbeen cheese mousse (gfa)

Crunchy and creamy broccoli, pickled turnup, toasted walnut & soda bread crumb


Co Dublin

Crispy pig’s brawn

Butternut squash, pumpkin seed with Cais na Tire cheese and picked mustard seed


Co Cavan

Poached wild seabass in burnt Irish butter (gf)

Smoked mashed potatoes, crispy potato scales, with a rich burnt Irish butter sauce


Co Clare

Burren beef (gfa)

Beef fillet from the Burren national park. Braised beef stuffed boxty, caramelised cauliflower puree, and a tarragon and confit shallot gravy


Co Waterford 

Lemon Posset (gfa)

Tart & sharp in flavour with a hint of cardamon, topped with a Flahavans oat cake


Co Cavan

Chocolate mousse made with Carrageen moss (gfa)

Deliciously light mouse with a Guinness cake base, honeycomb


32 Counties

Milsean (gfa)

Selection of finishing sweets, ger cake, marshmallow, Irish fudge


Taste of Ireland Menu
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Irish Carlingford Oysters (gf)

Our Carlingford Oysters from Co Louth dressed

   with our signature 72 hour infused lemon dressing
£4 each


Chef Anna’s Carrot Salad (gf)

Heritage carrots, creamy carrot and star anise puree, Toasted hazelnut & pickled raisins. But the real star is the Cáis Na Tíre cheese which has a nutty in flavour


Sovereign Street Black Pudding Recipe

Our signature Clonakilty black pudding comes wrapped in potato. Irish black butter pearls made with apple. Pearl barley, pecan and Bramley apple puree


Salmon of Knowledge (gf)

Organic Burren smoked salmon from Co Clare, horseradish cream cheese filling, hazelnut dressing, floral pick peppercorn, salmon keta and dill



Silverhill Irish Duck (gf)

Pan fried duck breast from Co Monaghan.

Mushroom puree, homemade duck fat potato waffle and a duck gravy poured at the table


Oat Crusted Hake (gf)

Roasted hake fillet topped with crunchy Flahavan's oats, toasted coriander and sesame seed. Mussels, mashed potatoes, spinach & smoked mackerel chowder sauce


Marinated Field Cap Medallions (gf)

Marinated field cap mushrooms, Taylor’s of Lusk black garlic puree,
tarragon and a Mushroom shepherd’s pie



Colcannon (gf) £5 

Leaf salad (gf) £5

Greens (gf) £5

Anna’s famous boxty dumpling stuffed with Burren beef

£6 each

A La Carte Menu
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